ECLOUD'02 Workshop
CERN, 15-18 April 2002


SESSION 1: Experimental Observations at Existing Accelerators and Concerns for Future Machines (chair R. Macek, secretary G. Arduini)
MONDAY 15 April Morning 08:45-13:00
Welcome and Goals of the Workshop F. Ruggiero 08:45-09:00
Electron Cloud Effects at KEKB H. Fukuma 09:00-09:30
Electron Cloud Effects at PEP-II F.J. Decker 09:30-10:00
Electron-Cloud Instability in the SPS K. Cornelis 10:00-10:30
BREAK 10:30-11:00
Electron-Cloud Observations in the SPS M. Jimenez 11:00-11:30
Electron Cloud Effects in High-Intensity Proton Machines J. Wei 11:30-12:00
Electron Cloud in Linear Collider Damping Rings A. Wolsky 12:00-12:30
Electron Cloud in the LHC  F. Zimmermann 12:00-13:00
Lunch Break 13:00-14:00

SESSION 2: Further Observations, Laboratory Measurements, and Modelling (chair O. Grobner, secretary M. Jimenez)
MONDAY 15 April Afternoon 14:00-18:30
Electron cloud build-up and related instability in the CERN PS E. Metral 14:00-14:20
New Observations of the Electron Cloud at the Los Alamos PSR  R. Macek 14:20-14:40
Electron cloud simulations and measurements for RHIC W. Fischer 14:40-15:00
Simulations of Electron Cloud Build-up and Saturation in the APS K. Harkay 15:00-15:20
Microscopic phenomenological model of secondary emission and applications M. Furman 15:20-15:45
BREAK 15:45-16:20
The variation of the secondary electron emission with surface modifications N. Hilleret 16:20-16:50
SPS electron cloud heat load measurement with WAMPAC and simulation V. Baglin 16:50-17:10
Photoemission from LHC vacuum chamber materials: electron energy distribution curves R. Cimino 17:10-17:30
Analysis of electron stimulated electron emission spectra from LHC beam screen material I.R. Collins 17:30-17:50
DISCUSSION F.J. Decker: PEP-II Collimator Experiment (post-workshop) 17:50-18:30

SESSION 3: Simulations of Electron-Cloud Build Up (chair M. Furman, secretary G. Rumolo)
TUESDAY 16 April 09:00-12:30
Adiabatic theory of electron oscillations and its application toSIS-100/200 P. Zenkevich 09:00-09:20
Electron-Cloud Simulations: Build Up and Related Effects F. Zimmermann 09:20-09:40
3D Particle in Cell Program for Electron Cloud L. Wang 09:40-10:00
DISCUSSION G. Arduini: Observations with SPS FT Beam 10:00-10:30
BREAK 10:30-11:00
A Simulation Study of Electron Cloud in the Experimental  Regions of the LHC A. Rossi 11:00-11:20
Qualitative Analysis of the e-Cloud Formation S. Heifets 11:20-11:40
Electron-Cloud Updated Simulation Results for the PSR, Recent Results for the SNS and for the NLC Damping Ring ( PSR movie) M. Pivi 11:40-12:00
DISCUSSION 12:00-13:00
LUNCH BREAK 13:00-14:00

SESSION 4: Simulations of Electron-Cloud Instabilities (chair T. Raubenheimer, secretary F. Zimmermann)
TUESDAY 16 April 14:00-18:30
Emittance Growth Due to Electron Cloud in Positron Ring Y. Cai 14:00-14:20
Electron Cloud Simulations: Beam Instabilities and Wake Fields G. Rumolo 14:20-14:40
Study for ep Instability in High Intensity Proton Ring  T. Toyama, K. Ohmi 14:40-15:00
Head-Tail Instability Caused by Electron Cloud E. Perevedentsev 15:00-15:20
Wake field of the e-cloud and its effect on the Upgrade of PEP-II S. Heifets 15:20-15:45
BREAK 15:45-16:20
Electron Cloud in the PSR and SNS  M. Blaskiewicz 16:20-16:40
Effect of Electron Cloud on the Bunch Oscillations in KEKB LER Su Su Win 16:40-17:00
Study for electron cloud effect in JLC Damping Ring  K. Ohmi 17:00-17:20
Effect of bunch length, chromaticity, and linear coupling on the transverse mode-coupling instability due to the electron cloud E. Metral 17:20-17:40
DISCUSSION 17:40-18:30

SESSION 5: Specific Comparisons and Plasma Approaches (chair T. Katsouleas, secretary R. Assmann)
WEDNESDAY 17 April 9:00-13:00
Electron cloud build up and instability: comparison between observations and numerical simulations for the CERN PS G. Rumolo 9:00-9:20
Complex phenomena of Beam-Beam and Beam-Electron Cloud Effects in Circular e+e- Colliders (separate figure) K. Ohmi 9:20-9:40
The simulation study on ECI for BEPC and its upgrade plan BEPCII  J. Xing 9:40-10:00
Plasma Modelling of Collective Wakefields in Electron Clouds  (mpeg movies of shifted beam, tilted beam, and cloud ) T. Katsouleas 10:00-10:20
BREAK 10:30-11:00
On the Transparency of the Electron Cloud to Synchrotron  Radiation  D. Kaltchev 11:00-11:20
Kinetic Theory of Periodic Holes in Debunched Particle Beams  H. Schamel 11:20-11:40
Electron cloud effects in intense, ion beam linacs & theory and experimental planning for HIF M. Furman (on behalf of A.W. Molvik) 11:40-12:00
DISCUSSION 12:00-13:00

SESSION 6: Discussions of Future Studies, Collaborations, and Possible Solutions (chair W. Chou, secretary O. Bruening)
WEDNESDAY 17 April 14:00-18:00
Possible Cures to the e-cloud Problems  R. Macek 14:00-14:20
Driving the Electron-Cloud Instability by an Electron Cooler G. Rumolo 14:20-14:40
RF Test Benches for Electron-Cloud Studies U. Iriso-Ariz 14:40-15:00
'Invisible' Clearing Electrodes F. Caspers 15:00-15:20
Future Electron Cloud Studies at CERN  F. Ruggiero 15:20-15:45
BREAK 15:45-16:20
DISCUSSION 16:20-18:00

SESSION 7: SUMMARY TALKS (chair S. Myers, secretary F. Ruggiero)
THURSDAY 18 APRIL 9:00-13:00
Summary of Session 1 R. Macek 9:00-9:30
Summary of Session 2 O. Groebner 9:30-10:00
Summary of Session 3 M. Furman 10:00-10:30
Summary of Session 4 A. Wolsky 10:30-11:00
Summary of Session 5 R. Assmann 11:00-11:30
Summary of Session 6 W. Chou 11:30-12:00

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